Gold Fish Shares Challenges Faced As An Albino In Nollywood

How many albinos do you find as actors? It's not a place for you.'

Gold Fish Shares Challenges Faced As An Albino In Nollywood-TSZ Naija
Gold Fish Shares Challenges Faced As An Albino In Nollywood

Damilola Ogunsin, Nollywood actor known as Gold Fish, shares discouraging encounter with director who criticized his albinism for acting.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the talented actor discussed some of the major challenges he has faced in the film industry.

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He recounted the incident where a movie director, whose identity he chose not to disclose, told him that the movie industry was not suitable for individuals with albinism.

Ogunsin shared that his passion for acting has been evident since his early years, participating in theater productions during his time in primary school, church, and higher institutions.

Despite initially working in the banking sector, he made the decision to leave his job and pursue a career in Nollywood six years ago.

The journey in Nollywood has not been without difficulties for Ogunsin, who constantly strives to break free from the stereotypes associated with his complexion.

Recalling the encounter with the movie director, he expressed his determination to be recognized as an actor who happens to be an albino, rather than being defined solely by his albinism.

He stated, “When I was entering Nollywood, there was a prominent director whom I won’t mention. He looked at me and said, ‘Why do you want to be an actor? How many albinos do you find as actors? It’s not a place for you.’

“I have been involved in theater since my primary school days. I participated in theater groups in primary school, secondary school, my church, and even in my polytechnic and University of Lagos. It has been six amazing years since I left banking.

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Has it been easy? No. However, my goal is to consistently defy stereotypes. I don’t want to be known as the albino actor; I am an actor who happens to be an albino. There’s a difference.”

Through his resilience and determination, Damilola Ogunsin, also known as ‘Gold Fish,’ continues to make his mark in the Nigerian film industry, challenging preconceived notions and proving that talent knows no boundaries.

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