Sophia Momodu Addresses Issues With Davido On Snapchat

"Giving my daughter everything, they said she wouldn't have & then some."

Sophia Momodu Addresses Issues With Davido On Snapchat-TSZ Naija
Sophia Momodu Addresses Issues With Davido On Snapchat

It appears that there is some turbulence in the relationship between Sophia Momodu and her baby daddy, Davido.

Sophia Momodu, who shares a child with Davido, subtly threw shade at him in a recent Snapchat post. In her post, she suggested that mistreating their daughter was a deliberate act meant to teach her (Sophia) a lesson.

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One of Sophia’s Snapchat followers, Sapphire, praised Sophia for the way she spoils her daughter, Imade, and for setting high standards for her.

In response, Sophia hinted at the fact that their ongoing issues were the reason for her actions, stating, “They wanted to maltreat her to teach her mother a lesson. So her mother said watch this.”

Sophia also shared a picture of herself and Imade standing in front of a red car, captioning it with, “Giving my daughter everything, they said she wouldn’t have & then some.”

These revelations have raised questions about the complexities of Sophia and Davido’s relationship and the events that led to such vindictive actions.

In a recent Instagram live video, Sophia Momodu firmly warned her followers not to ask her about Davido, emphasizing her desire for privacy regarding her past relationship with the famous musician. She appeared to be distancing herself from Davido and his family, even hinting at changing their daughter’s last name.

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During her Instagram Live session, Sophia made her stance clear, stating, “You all are not about to make me talk about anybody I don’t wanna talk about. I’ve told you guys, allow it. I don’t wanna talk about my ex or whatever is going on; never ever go there.

That matter is buried and gone. There are other things I am more interested in; like Imade and I other than anybody we’re affiliated with. Honestly, you need to show some respect.”

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