Happie Boys Refute Claims Of Pastor’s Powers From India

"Greetings! We have no connection to this matter.

Happie Boys Refute Claims Of Pastor's Powers From India- TSZ Naija
Happie Boys Refute Claims Of Pastor's Powers From India

Former security guards, the Happie Boys, deny claims that Pastor Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere obtained his powers from India.

According to a report from TSZ Naija, this denial follows the circulation of a screenshot purportedly shared by the security guards on the internet.

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The post alleged that the pastor engaged in cannibalistic practices and derived his miraculous abilities from India.

However, when contacted by Gistreel to verify the accusation, the duo of Happie Boys denied having any knowledge of the viral screenshot. They asserted that the post was fabricated and manipulated with the sole intention of garnering online traffic and attention.

In their own words, “Greetings! We have no connection to this matter. Bloggers are simply exploiting our name to publish whatever they please in order to generate more engagement. Just thought you should know.”

“We Won’t Return to Nigeria”
Meanwhile, in response to Apostle Chibuzor’s plans to bring them back to Nigeria to resume their studies, Happie Boys have provided a reaction.

As a reminder, these young men, who are currently studying in Cyprus, had claimed that the pastor had ceased sponsoring their education, forcing them to drop out of school due to financial constraints.

Addressing the situation on his official Facebook page, the clergyman disclosed that he had paused the funding of the scholarship program due to the high exchange rate of the dollar. He explained that the burden had become overwhelming for him, considering that he had over 4,000 individuals on his scholarship program.

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Apostle Chibuzor further stated that the pause in funding had affected other students as well, and he had communicated the circumstances to parents, offering them the option to allow their children to continue their studies at any university in Nigeria or the Benin Republic.

In response to the pastor’s plans, the former security guards, who gained significant attention on social media, expressed gratitude to Apostle Chibuzor in a video shared online. They also apologized for the events that unfolded between them.

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