Stella Dimoko Drag By Online Users For Defending Tonto Dikeh

“And you had to defend Tonto? Please rest Stella. Even if Yvonne lied in the book, let those involve be the ones to clear their names.”

Stella Dimoko Drag By Online Users For Defending Tonto Dikeh-TSZ Naija
Stella Dimoko Drag By Online Users For Defending Tonto Dikeh

Stella Dimoko, media personality, faces backlash for defending actress Tonto Dikeh against dating claims, refuting allegations.

In her newly released book, Stella Dimoko has expressed her criticism towards Yvonne Nelson, an actress and film producer, by stating that Yvonne ended her relationship with Iyanya due to his repeated infidelity with Tonto Dikeh.

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Stella Dimoko confidently declares that, in direct contradiction to Yvonne Nelson’s claims in her book, Tonto Dikeh never had a romantic involvement with Iyanya. According to Stella, Yvonne deliberately used Nigerian celebrities as a marketing strategy for her books.

Stella further reveals that she conducted her own investigation several years ago following their Twitter feud, and there was no evidence of any relationship between Tonto Dikeh and Iyanya.

“Dear Yvonne,
Your book is a lie from the pit of hell.
There was never a time that TONTO dated Iyanya like you claimed in the figment of imagination you call a book.

It’s been a long time and it’s a pity you targeted Naija celebs in your book but hey we all know doing what you have done is the fastest way to relaunch a sleeping career.

TONTO nah drama queen so u r banking on her response so that your book go sell out? I pray she ignores u totally and I pity those buying that compilation of fabricated lies.

Since you decide to go down memory lane, I hope say u include for the book say nah your ex-friend husband u pass back go born pikin for. I hope say u add am and explain for the book why you thief the man even though say Una don scatter.

You dey talk about cheating but forget say u sef cheat on the guy. Once again I say it with my full chest that TONTO and Iyanya were busy friendly and did not date but if you insist make u show us a photo of dem two for bed dey nack cos u must hold evidence for hand before u go print nonsense dey sell…

I did my investigation years back after the Twitter brouhaha and I am doing this to set the records correct. Abeg don’t export your lies from Ghana j to Naija, please!

Iyanya please don’t bother with another response na traffic to sell book she dey find!! God abeg!”.

Stella Dimoko, on the other hand, has faced criticism from online users for defending two individuals without being fully informed about all the facts and circumstances.

Here are a few selected responses from online users:

@Onyekachukwu “STOP LYING STELLA ! If hunger too much for Germany, come back home! Stop taking change from these celebrities to defend them 🤦🏿‍♂️”.

@Iamjunty: “And you had to defend Tonto? Please rest Stella. Even if Yvonne lied in the book, let those involve be the ones to clear their names.”.

@Sii3940: “Stella you may think you know but some of the things those female xelebs do dey fear me sef, gone are the days when we have omotola, Regina askia, genevieve and co. Those were the hardworking celebs. These days Nollywood nah Okpo pro max. Too many things dey happen that you bloggers dunno, there is a place in lagos where your fav do showtime 500 dollars. Its a shame . I believe she is saying the truth because bobrisky been don talk am long ago too.”.

@DorisUche1: “So sad that you have to go below the belt to defend these adults. My question is were you there in person when it all happened or you are saying things that were repeated to you. Grow up madam!!”.

@Amandachisom: “Why are you defending anybody and calling them a liar, you dey the relationship with them. She has written her boom, let the parties deny which is utterly useless, they were all single at the time so what??”.

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@Geonynce: “How can you defend an adult, regarding matters of the bedroom”.

@Welathfrontier: “Look at you defending d!ck and pussy matter 😂… What do they discuss to the point of spending the night alone all the time ?? Abeg abeg , I like you but this one you just did no gel at alllll … I believe Yvonne wella, can’t you see how Karma felt with the tonto? The same way she messed up someone else’s relationship, is the same way someone else took her husband, home and Joy as deserved 😏…”.

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