Simi – I Have Never Experienced Heartbreak

"I don't believe I've ever experienced heartbreak. Interestingly, the song 'Stranger' came to me effortlessly

Simi - I Have Never Experienced Heartbreak-TSZ Naija
Simi - I Have Never Experienced Heartbreak

Simi, a well-known Nigerian musician, also recognized as Simisola Kosoko, recently revealed that she has never experienced heartbreak.

In an interview with reality star Tacha on Cool FM, Lagos, Simi shared this information. She clarified that her recent song, ‘Stranger,’ which explores the theme of heartbreak, was not inspired by her personal encounters.

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Despite her lack of personal experience, Simi emphasized that she empathizes with and supports those who have gone through heartbreaks, considering herself a champion for them. Additionally, Simi is a mother of one.

Simi expressed, “I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced heartbreak. Interestingly, the song ‘Stranger’ came to me effortlessly. Perhaps I have a knack for championing those who have encountered heartbreak multiple times [laughs].”

She further stated, “I’m here to support them because someone has to. I often contemplate love and its various aspects. I realized that there’s one perspective I haven’t thoroughly explored—being in a relationship where you haven’t been heartbroken yet, but you notice significant changes within yourself.

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You find yourself accepting and adapting to things you normally wouldn’t. Then one day, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realize you no longer recognize that person.”

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