I Thought My Sister Was Jealous of Me – Teni

Taking Niniola's advice to heart, Teni began observing her sister's singing techniques and emulating them.

I Thought My Sister Was Jealous of Me - Teni-TSZ Naija
I Thought My Sister Was Jealous of Me - Teni

Teni, the popular singer known as Teni Apata, shared an interesting anecdote from her past in a recent episode of the Tea With Tay podcast.

She revealed that she once believed her elder sister, Niniola, was envious of her talent due to her blunt criticism of her voice.

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Reflecting on her childhood and early experiences with singing, Teni mentioned that she used to rehearse with her sisters.

Her eldest sister, Doyin, would often compliment her by saying she had a melodious voice. However, Niniola had a different perspective and was candid about not finding Teni’s voice “sweet.”

Teni recalled that Niniola’s candid critique of her singing made her initially believe that her sister might be jealous of her. It was during these interactions that Niniola took Teni aside and offered guidance.

She advised Teni not to be deceived by Doyin’s compliments and explained that she needed to sing from her stomach.

Taking Niniola’s advice to heart, Teni began observing her sister’s singing techniques and emulating them. This change in her approach to singing eventually led to a memorable moment in her school. She performed at a school event, and the entire audience responded with a standing ovation, applauding her performance.

Teni was elated by the positive reaction and felt that she had “arrived.” She eagerly shared her achievement with Niniola, who, to Teni’s delight, also applauded her performance.

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This supportive exchange between the sisters marked a turning point in Teni’s musical journey, and she realized that they were “up to something” together.

In essence, Teni’s reminiscence highlights the early sibling dynamics and candid feedback that played a role in shaping her music career.

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