Sylvester Madu Nollywood Actor Sighted Selling Okrika

The sight of the 48-year-old movie star in such a state has triggered mixed reactions among social media users.

Nollywood Actor Sylvester Madu Shows Off His Business-TSZ Naija
Nollywood Actor Sylvester Madu Shows Off His Business

A video shows Sylvester Madu with a messy beard and untamed afro hair, appearing disheveled while conducting business on the ground.

Despite his disheveled appearance, the actor, renowned for his roles in popular films like “Shina Rambo,” “Bullets of Justice,” “Emotional Tears,” and “To Love an Angel,” was still recognized by the local residents at the Enugu market.

Watch the video below;

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The sight of the 48-year-old movie star in such a state has triggered mixed reactions among social media users. Discussions range from empathy towards his situation to curiosity about the reasons behind Madu’s current venture.

Sylvester Madu is a highly esteemed figure in the Nigerian film industry, known for his roles as an actor, director, model, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

With a degree from the University of Maiduguri, he has been an active participant in the movie industry for over two decades, gaining recognition for his portrayal of hitman characters and featuring in numerous films.

Recently, Sylvester shared a personal anecdote about his past obsession with owning a Blackberry Passport phone. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, he reflected on the value we place on material possessions and their significance in the long run.

In his post, he wrote, “I value time. Why? Because time assigns value to everything we possess or do, regardless of whether it’s good or bad, right or wrong. Let me start with the Almighty… BLACKBERRY PASSPORT.”

He continued, “You and I thought it was the best phone, the ultimate status symbol. Many relationships, even marriages, were strained because of this phone. I had to borrow money just to buy it and fit in. But recently, I found it lying untouched and unused in one of my wardrobes, completely obsolete and irrelevant.”

He urged readers to reconsider the worth of the things they hold dear, emphasizing how transient these possessions can be. He reflected on how the Blackberry phone, once a cultural phenomenon, eventually lost its popularity and became irrelevant. He highlighted the irony of how people went to great lengths, even committing unethical acts, to acquire it.

He also mentioned how the phone influenced popular culture, being featured in movies and even spawning new words and phrases. However, its significance has now dwindled, and no one would accept it as a gift.

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Drawing a broader lesson, Madu warned against chasing after the latest trends that will inevitably lose their appeal over time. He recounted the words of a friend who predicted that the current luxury cars would eventually become outdated models.

In conclusion, he urged individuals to keep their actions aligned with moral principles and to not sacrifice their integrity for fleeting material possessions. He emphasized that if something is not for the greater purpose of serving Jesus, it is not worth sacrificing for.


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