Larissa Davido’s Third Baby Mama React To Cheating Scandal

"Use me as a 'God forbid' button."

Larissa Davido's Third Baby Mama React To Cheating Scandal-TSZ Naija
Larissa Davido's Third Baby Mama React To Cheating Scandal

In a post on her Instagram story, which has since been deleted, Larissa shared a cryptic message about not wanting to be in Chioma’s situation. She implied her refusal to be involved in a similar predicament.

“Use me as a ‘God forbid’ button.”

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Larissa Davido's Third Baby Mama React To Cheating Scandal-TSZ Naija
The post

It was reported in April that Davido had fathered another child with one of his baby mamas, whose identity was not initially revealed. According to online reports, it was Amanda, Davido’s second baby mama, who gave birth to a baby in April. However, it has not been confirmed if Davido is the father of the child.

During this period, a netizen named Lovethy made a bombshell revelation about the situation. Lovethy claimed that Amanda was already 5 to 6 months pregnant before Davido married Chioma, and he only did so because Chioma’s family insisted on marriage before they would allow the burial of Ify, Davido’s deceased son.

Furthermore, it was revealed that during Davido’s break-up with Chioma, he rekindled his relationship with Amanda and impregnated her. Amanda became pregnant in the middle of the previous year, and although Davido allegedly tried to convince her to have an abortion, Amanda stood her ground.

In an attempt to spite Amanda, Davido grew closer to Sophia Momodu, but Sophia realized his intentions and distanced herself from the drama since she had a close relationship with Amanda.

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Despite this, Amanda remained firm, and Davido eventually returned to Chioma when Sophia did not comply with his wishes.

Lovethy also alleged that Davido had visited the new mother, Larissa, in the US before leaving for the UK.

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