Brymo Sets The Record Straight On Anti-Igbo Remark Online

Brymo Sets The Record Straight On Anti-Igbo Remark Online - TSZ Naija
Brymo Sets The Record Straight On Anti-Igbo Remark Online.

Nigerian alternative singer Olawale Ashimi, better known as Brymo, has spoken out about the widespread “anti-Igbo” remarks he made online.

Many people have slammed the singer for making remarks about Nigeria’s Igbo tribe, claiming that they do not deserve to be president.

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The comments drew criticism from other celebrities and fans, but Brymo stuck to his guns, retweeting the same tweets that got him in trouble in the first place to show he’s not sorry.

However, the singer shared his side of the story during an Instagram live session, where he revealed the origins of the entire situation.

He stated that the whole controversy arose after he expressed his opinion on the news that Chimamanda Adichie accepted a traditional Igbo chieftaincy title but declined a national honor, implying that this should not have been the case given that the region should be clamouring for the Presidency.

Brymo stated that, contrary to popular belief, he has always advocated for an Igbo presidency.

Brymo claimed he received insults and death threats after his comment was taken out of context, and a petition was launched against him.

Brymo said after the petition, someone went on to ask him to apologise to the Igbos, to which he responded, “F*ck the Ndi Igbo! H*ll with it.”

The term “it,” according to Brymo, referred to that movement rather than the tribe itself. He stated that he would never use the word “it” to describe a group of people because it is grammatically incorrect.

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Brymo stated that he would never insult the tribe again and apologized to anyone he may have offended during this time.

“I didn’t insult the tribe (Igbos), I will not do that. I apologize to any one who is saddened by such tweet. I was trying to weigh in on very important matters,” he said.

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