BBNaija: Reactions As Tolanibaj Vows To Date Men With Visa

One user, iamnasboi, questioned, "Neo get all this visa?"

BBNaija: Reactions As Tolanibaj Vows To Date Men With Visa-TSZ Naija
BBNaija: Reactions As Tolanibaj Vows To Date Men With Visa

With her recent remarks against males and their immigration status, controversial reality personality Tolani Baj has recently drawn notice.

She frankly admitted that she wouldn’t think about dating a man without a visa who is unable to travel anyplace in the globe. It should be noted that Tolani Baj herself is in possession of an American visa.

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She has drawn flak from online users for her comments, though. Her connection with Neo during the Big Brother Nigeria All-Stars reality program, which was well publicized, and her remarks have been compared as appearing to be in contradiction. Neo, strangely, has no visa at the moment.

Reactions from the online community vary:

– One user, iamnasboi, questioned, “Neo get all this visa?”

– nailaz commented on the contrast in mentality, “I’ve never interacted with a white girl with this mentality. I only get talks like this from Nigerian girls.

Makes me wonder where this sort of thinking came from. It’s probably just upbringing. Truth is some things are meant to be left unsaid. It’s very unattractive to hear a girl sound this way.”

– _ozofu pointed out that men who can travel the world without visa restrictions might not want to be with someone like Tolani Baj, stating, “A man of that caliber will attract a better woman that knows her left from right.”

– sisi_painter87, referencing Tolani Baj’s appearance on Big Brother, expressed their dismay, “Tolani, we watched you on big brother.

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I really don’t know who you think you are to be making all these delulu statements but take several seats please.”

– odumegwu_, in a lighthearted tone, brought up her past affection for Neo, who is humorously described as having a “Warri passport.”

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