Actor Saka Reveals How He Manages Acting and Lecturing

"I am involved in both teaching and theatre, but I have been able to effectively manage my time.

Actor Saka Reveals How He Manages Acting and Lecturing- TSZ Naija

Actor Saka, a Yoruba Nollywood veteran also known as Afeez Oyetoro, reveals how he successfully handles acting and lecturing careers.

According to TSZ Naija, during an interview with PUNCH, the renowned movie star emphasized the importance of utilizing his time wisely for productive endeavors.

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He explained that instead of spending leisure time at beer parlors like some of his colleagues, he engages in more constructive activities.

Additionally, he highlighted the significant role his wife plays in his successful career, emphasizing the value of marrying someone who shares one’s vision.

Saka stated, “I am involved in both teaching and theatre, but I have been able to effectively manage my time. Most of my shooting takes place on weekends or during holidays because many producers in Nigeria are aware that I am a civil servant.

Furthermore, my wife takes excellent care of me. I often tell people that finding a spouse who shares your vision is the best thing that can happen to a person.

Our understanding of each other ensures a harmonious home. Consequently, I have peace of mind in everything I do, including having sufficient time to rest.”

When asked about which of his career paths is more rewarding, Saka expressed that both his acting and teaching professions offer different forms of fulfillment. As an educator, he derives a sense of accomplishment from guiding and shaping the lives of his students, which he views as a lifelong contribution.

With nearly 30 years of experience in academia, Saka mentioned a recent encounter with a former student in Abuja who treated him well, illustrating the value of his teaching career beyond financial gains.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that acting is financially rewarding and enjoyable.

Saka further elaborated on the similarities between being a teacher and an actor, explaining that both involve the act of imparting knowledge.

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While teachers teach within the confines of a classroom, actors teach outside the classroom through their performances. He acknowledged that acting offers greater financial rewards, but teaching is more highly esteemed.

Saka took pride in the accomplishments of numerous individuals who have passed through his tutelage and have gone on to succeed in their respective fields.

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