Family Crticizes Asake For ‘Unauthorized Tribute’ At His Concert

Family Crticizes Asake For ‘Unauthorized Tribute’ At His Concert -TSZ Naija
Family Crticizes Asake For ‘Unauthorized Tribute’ At His Concert

The family of deceased Rebecca Ikulemo has criticised Asake for utilizing her images in a tribute during his concert.

Rebecca Ikulemo lost her life after sustaining injuries at Asake’s December concert in London, where the crowd experienced a crush.

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The Nigerian Afrobeats singer and songwriter, Asake, while performing at the O2 Academy paid tribute to the deceased with her pictures displayed. ;.,

Rebecca’s sister, Racheal Ikulemo, took to social media, particularly to express her frustration and disappointment with Asake’s actions.

“What a sorry excuse of a tribute from @asakemusik,” Racheal wrote, addressing the artist.

“My sister lost her life at your show, and you haven’t spoken to a single member of my family since.

”But you can hold another concert in London less than 9 months later and play her videos as tribute?”

In his post, Asake reached out to the family through a social media post shortly after the tragic incident occurred.

He conveyed his sincere condolences to Rebecca’s loved ones. He mentioned that he had spoken to the family and would continue to do so during this difficult time.

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However, Racheal remained resolute in her stance, emphasizing that the issue was not about condolences but rather about obtaining consent before utilizing Rebecca’s images and videos for a tribute.

“My point is, he should not be using her videos or giving a ‘tribute’ without speaking to my family beforehand for consent,” she firmly stated in response to the defending fans.”

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